How to Contribute

Arbitration is a hotly-debated topic, and it is a practice area that is increasingly gaining popularity in Pakistan. In view of promoting awareness about the arbitration practice and its intricacies, we encourage young legal practitioners and students to engage in dialogue, and contribute articles and blogposts on arbitration-related topics of interest.

In order to ensure that the standard of content on this platform is maintained, we request all authors to submit their contributions using the interactive form, below, and adhere to the following submission guidelines:

  1. These guidelines apply to all articles and blogposts.
  2. While the focus should remain on the Pakistani arbitration regime and practice, submissions relating to international arbitration are also welcome.
  3. Submissions on other topics or areas of practice will not be entertained, unless there is a clear nexus with arbitration.
  4. Summaries of latest court judgments can be submitted; however, contributors are asked to refrain from submitting the same without any analysis.
  5. Authors must provide a short and clear subject/title, which is relevant to, and gives an idea of, the contents of their submission.
  6. Authors must ensure that their submissions are properly formatted (use a clear font, spaces, headings and paragraphs, etc.).
  7. The word limit for articles is between 1500 to 5000 words. Submissions below 1500 words will be considered and published as blog posts.
  8. Authors must ensure that they only submit their original work. Where external sources or information are used, the same should be properly referenced using OSCOLA or any other internationally recognised referencing styles. Please also use footnotes where appropriate.
  9. Plagiarised content will not be condoned. This is a knowledge-sharing platform, and the authors agree to ensure the originality of their works, and accept any liability arising therefrom.
  10. Authors agree that the information that they have provided at the time of submission and/or login can be used only for publishing their respective articles and/or blogposts and/or forum posts on this website.